Three Things To Remember When Hiring Waterproofing Services

19 August 2022
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Waterproofing is an often underrated aspect of the construction of your home or business. Not only does it ensure that you can safely use bathrooms, commercial wet rooms, and even kitchens without the threat of mold or rust in the structure of your building, but it also is used in your roof as part of the protection against the elements. Generally, when discussing waterproofing services, you are talking about the interior rather than roofing, but that does not mean it is any simpler. Here are three things you need to remember when you reach the waterproofing stage of the building of your home or business.

Communication Is Key

Ensuring that the waterproofing contractor has all the layouts of the room and has toured the area themselves before they work on the site is very important. They need to know just how much waterproofing membrane they need as well as how to cut it and what shape they will need to mold it into. This is especially important if the room is an odd size, or if it is particularly large and you will need a lot more material. Always keep a good dialog open between you and your waterproofing services if you want a good result.

Don't Push It

Good waterproofing takes time, especially if you are doing it in the winter months. The simple fact is that waterproofing adhesives do not dry as quickly when the thermostat drops below a certain level. The last thing you want is the membrane to not be fully stuck to your flooring and the walls on which it is applied, as this can lead to extreme cracking and movement of your tiles. Give your waterproofer plenty of time to complete the project, as you only have to do this service once but if you do it wrong you could end up costing yourself thousands.

Listen To Their Advice

It is easy to approach waterproofing with your own preconceptions of how long it should take, what needs to be done, and so on and so forth. However, you are hiring licensed waterproofing services for their expertise, so listen to them when they provide you with some free advice. If they suggest a different waterproofing method to what you had anticipated or maybe they show you a way that the waterproofing can be done better throughout your whole building then take that advice and run with it, your building will be much better for it. 

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