Should You Get A Home Energy Audit?

21 October 2022
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Do you feel like you spend too much money on energy bills? Many homeowners struggle with this problem, but there's a solution. You can hire a company to perform a home energy audit. This audit includes numerous steps, and its purpose is to determine how efficient your home is with its energy usage.

Here is a guide to help you learn more about home energy audits

The key purposes

An energy audit is a service you can get whenever you want to learn more about your home's energy usage. Home energy audits serve two main roles, and the first is to locate your home's inefficiencies. Secondly, its purpose is to see how you use energy in your home. The primary goal is to find ways to reduce energy bills by learning more about how you use energy.

How it's completed

If you decide to get an energy audit, an auditor will come to your home to perform the inspection. Energy auditors generally work room by room, performing various tests. For example, they might perform a thermographic scan. This scan helps the auditor determine areas in your home that cause energy losses. For example, it can help them find areas in your walls that don't have enough insulation.

Another test they might complete is an air leak test. This test helps them find areas that need to be properly sealed to stop heat loss. For example, they'll look closely around your doors, windows, and vents. They'll likely perform numerous other tests to determine how efficient your home is with energy usage.

Reasons to get one

So why do people get these audits? The main reason is to find ways to save money on utility bills. For example, if you determine that you're losing way too much money from having old windows, you might decide to upgrade your windows to cut your energy costs.

What you might learn

You can learn a lot about your home's efficiency through an energy audit. For example, you might discover that you're using the wrong type of lightbulbs. You might also find out that your furnace is efficient, but your insulation isn't. Making the right changes can help you reduce drafts and stop heat loss from occurring.

Hire a company for a home energy audit

You might want to hire a company for a home energy audit if you're ready to save money on your energy bills. You can learn more about these audits by contacting a damage contractor that offers home energy audits.