A Guide To Home Mold Inspections

12 January 2023
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Indoor air quality is vital for every homeowner. Yet many factors affect it, including mold. When a home contains mold, the spores from the mold infiltrate the air. As a result, those living in the home breathe in these spores. Mold spores can cause sicknesses and elevate respiratory issues. Thus, you need to remove the mold if it's present. Unfortunately, you might not know you have mold unless you get a test. Here is a guide to help you understand home mold testing.

How to know if you need one

First, how do you know if you need a mold test? Many people determine this answer when they see or smell mold. However, others consider getting tests after water damage occurs. If you smell musty odors in your home, getting a test is a good idea. However, you might also want to get a home mold test every few years even if you don't have any of these signs. The only way to find out if you have mold is through a professional test.

How to get one

So if you decide to get your home tested, you must hire a company that offers home mold tests. You can contact a company that offers damage restoration services. These companies generally offer mold tests. If they don't, they can give you the name of a company to call for your test.

How companies conduct these

Damage restoration companies use various techniques to locate mold. For example, they use mold testing strips. They might also use infrared cameras to locate areas of moisture and heat. They can take samples of the mold they find to determine its type. They can also create an action plan to address it.

How to proceed afterward

Removing mold can be a big job, depending on the situation. In some cases, homes might have only a small amount of mold. In other cases, mold can be spread throughout the walls and floors in a home. These jobs are more challenging. The company you hire can create a plan to address your mold and a quote for the services.

Get a home mold inspection

Do you suspect mold in your house? Getting a home mold inspection is the only way to find out. This test reveals if you have mold, the location of the mold, and the problem's extent. Contact a company that offers home mold inspections to learn more.